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So I was wondering if maybe we could have a thread where members posted 2 or 3 pics of their layout, ideally one of the layout plan and 1 or 2 of the layout as it Its just for me and my 8 year old son to mess about on so dont expect the detail of some of the tracks on here. Probably more due to me being a complete novice and not having any patience to speak of It's a scale model which means that to have a decent length and interesting track you need a fair amount of space to put With 2x Ford Taurus Cars.

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Girar a traducir la descripción al Británico Estados Unidos Traducir Race with drop in cars on this version of the popular 80's and 90's game! Bear in mind your childhood or show your sons how you used to play! Gather speed or brake sliding your finger ahead and down on the screen trying to keep your car on the track. And you can also build your own tracks with the chase editor and get circuits shared as a result of other users. Compare your times adjacent to other world players with Facebook-powered leaderboards, try to be the world's fastest player! While playing you can decide between five cameras and change the camera angle. Also includes two gauges, one with the real speed after that other with the trigger position. Supports MOGA bluetooth gamepads.

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